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Photo by Elisha Isabelle Photography

Photo by Elisha Isabelle Photography

Growing up in the Chilcotin in the heart of British Columbia ranching country, I have had a lifelong love of horses. So much in fact, that I attended Olds College in Alberta straight out of high school and took the Equine Production and Breeding Management program. It was my dream to breed fancy horses that would someday get ridden in the Olympics. This is still a dream of mine, but it has taken a backseat to my photography passion.

I have always been a horse photographer. That was all I took pictures of. People? No way. All of my best memories include horses – in fact I distinctively remember riding everywhere in my bathing suit when it was hot out…. Haha! Today, my horses are still my favourite subjects to photograph.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to photograph my College friend Andrea and her husband Jason with their horses the day after their wedding. This was the start of combining my great love for horses and beautiful dresses. One of the photos from this session, “Sweet Sunset,” won first place in the Couples Category of the 2007 DWF and Finao Photo of the Year Contest, an Internationally recognized contest.

From there, there was no looking back and I photographed as many horses and dresses as I could.

In addition to horses and dresses, I am an International award winning wedding photographer, having photographed nearly 200 weddings in five different countries.  If you are getting married, let me capture the emotions of your day.  More details can be found at or send me an email to